View Client Documents Uploaded to TaxFolder

Updated: 2021-04-05

View Documents Uploaded by Your Clients

When your client uploads documents to TaxFolder, you will receive an email saying documents are waiting for you. Click the button in this email to sign in to TaxFolder and go straight to the client’s engagement.

  1. Scroll to the Client Files section in the engagement to see a list of the files uploaded.
  2. Click on a File Name to view a document.
  3. Click the Download All button to package all the files in a zip file and download them to your computer.
  4. To track which documents you have already used in the return, check the Mark Document Used column (optional).
    Screen Capture: Client Files
  5. Click the trash can icon to delete a document, then confirm its deletion. Deleting a document is permanent. This also deletes it from the list of documents your client can see. (Your client can also delete documents from this list from their client portal.)
    Screen Capture: Delete this file? It cannot be undone.

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