Planning and Training Files

Updated: 2023-02-20

In TaxCycle T1/TP1, you can create a file and mark it for planning or training purposes after you carry forward a prior-year T1 tax return.

When the purpose is set to Planning or Training:

  • Paper-filing print sets and EFILE transmissions are deactivated so you cannot accidentally file the planning return.
  • Spouse and dependant returns in the same file are also marked as planning returns.
  • Planning and training returns are labelled in the Client Manager status column. You can filter on planning and training returns if you need to.

Save time when creating a planning return by using Carry forward and Plan.

Mark a File as Planning or Training

  1. Go to the Info worksheet, scroll down to the Filing section, and select Planning or Training from the Purpose field.
  2. When you do this, the bottom of the TaxCycle window changes to orange so you can easily tell when you are working on a planning return.
  3. A watermark shows on the background of all forms in the file.
  4. TaxCycle also suggests adding PLAN or TRAINING to the file name.

Screen Capture: Set Return Purpose