Batch Email

Updated: 2020-07-21

It is possible to queue up a batch of emails with attached PDF files from the Client Manager. It is similar to sending an email with an attached PDF of a print set or single form. You will generate a set of emails for your clients. You still need to press Send on each of those messages. (See also the Email a PDF help topic.)

Warning: Client data security and your anti-spam responsibilities

We have written these instructions because our clients have asked for them. However, we advise the cautious and responsible use of batch email as described on this page for the following reasons:

  • Attachments to email are not encrypted or secure. We do not recommend using email to send private data to your clients.
  • Bulk sending through your email provider can result in your email address becoming black-listed and your usual emails landing in your clients' spam folders.
  • You have to click Send on each message created in this way.  
  • You have a responsibility to comply with Canadian anti-spam legislation when communicating with your clients by bulk email. Please review Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation.

For client communications and advertising we suggest using a third-party email service, such as MailChimp or Constant Contact, as they provide tools to help you comply with Canadian legislation.

Example: Batch send the PreSeason letter as a PDF

The following example shows you how to create a batch email of the PreSesaon letter and checklist.

Step 1: Create a new email cover letter

  1. Open the Template Editor and clone the ClientCopyEmail. (Learn how to do these things in the Template Editor help topic.)
  2. Click on Properties in the sidebar.
  3. Change the Name and Description.
  4. Edit the Subject of the email.
  5. Edit the body of the message to say what you wish it to say.
  6. Click Save and close the Template Editor.
    Set the properties on the cover email

Step 2: Create a new print set

  1. Back in TaxCycle, open Options. On the left side of the dialog box,expand T1/TP1, then Print, and click on the same year as the template you just made.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the list of print sets, click on New print set 1 and type a name. (See the Print/PDF Options help topic for more information.)
  3. At the top right, click the edit link to change the output options to:
    1. Select PDF for the Printer/Output.
    2. Choose the template you just created in the Save to/Email field.
    3. Add variables to generate the PDF file name.
  4. With this new print set selected, drag and drop the PreSeason letter from the list of available form to the the right panel.
  5. Click OK to save your changes and leave the options dialog box.

Step 3: Create and send emails

This part of the process is essentially a batch print using the new print set you just created. Learn more in the Batch Print/PDF help topic. Caution! We recommend you limit this process to small batches of clients.

  1. Press F3 to open the Client Manager.
  2. Add a group of clients to the batch by checking the boxes in the first column of the list of clients, then click on the batch box to go to the batch screen.
  3. Select Print from the Batch operation drop-down list.
  4. On the right, enter the name of the print set you just created.
  5. Click Start.
  6. TaxCycle will create one email message in your email client for each person in the batch. Go to each one of those message and click Send.

Batch email