Contract Payments Worksheet (T5018, T1204 and RL-27)

Updated: 2021-07-08

Find the ContractPayments worksheet in the Slips category in the Prepare sidebar.

Use this worksheet to enter contract or government payments reported on the T5018, T1204 and RL27. TaxCycle also imports data into this worksheet for T1204 slips downloaded from CRA Auto-fill my return (AFR) and RL-27 slips downloaded from Québec Tax Data Download (TDD).

  1. At the bottom of the worksheet, select the reporting method, whether to transfer to a T2125, transfer directly to line 13500, or not to transfer because the income is already accounted for.
  2. If you choose to transfer to a T2125, a review message will prompt you to select the T2125 statement.
  3. If you choose to report the income directly on line 13500, a review message will prompt you for the Industry Code (NCAIS).

ContractPayments worksheet