T2 File Conversion

Updated: 2023-10-12

Occasionally, TaxCycle may prompt you to convert a T2 return to a newer module. This message appears when the status of the T2 return you are working on is other than "Completed" and there is a newer module that you could use to prepare the year for the corporation's tax year. The message notifies you that the returns can be upgraded to the new module:

  1. Click the Convert button or link to convert the return to the newer module.
    Screen Capture: New T2 module available!
  2. Save the new return. You can choose to delete the old file by answering Yes to the Delete old return question in the dialog box that pops up. Once a file is deleted, it will no longer appear in the Client Manager or in the recent files list.
    Screen Capture: Delete Old T2 Return
  3. The new file has a newer file extension. To learn more about T2 file name extensions, read the section on the “T2 file name extensions” in the T2 File Name Extensions help topic.
  4. If you click the Dismiss button on the message, the message goes away for as long as you have the file open. You can still find it in the Review sidebar, under the Require Attention or Bulletins views. The next time you open the file, the bulletin will return.
  5. To sign off the message so it never reappears, click the check mark next to the message.
    Screen Capture: Dismiss or Sign Off Bulletin