Updating Client Email and Phone Number in TaxFolder

Updated: 2021-03-26

TaxFolder stores and uses the client’s phone number and email address in a few different places. If you need to update or change this information for a client, it is important to understand where to make the change.

Please review each section on this page to ensure that you make the changes in the correct location.

Signature Requests from TaxCycle

When you create a signature request from TaxCycle, it ALWAYS sends the notifications and verification codes using the email address and mobile phone number in the client’s TaxCycle file. It does this even if the client already has a record in TaxFolder.

Make sure you have the correct email address and mobile phone number for the client on the Info worksheet in TaxCycle:

Screen Capture: Email and Phone on Info Worksheet

Pending Signature/Approval Requests

You can change the email address or phone number used for a pending signature request from the TaxFolder engagement. Changing the email address and phone number here DOES NOT affect the client record (see below).

  1. Click on the client’s name in any list of clients in the dashboard.
    Screen Capture: Client on Dashboard
  2. In the Engagement Status section, find the approval or signature request you want to change.
  3. Click the View Original button and select Edit Fields.
    Screen Capture: Edit Fields
  4. Change the Recipient Email to the new email address.
  5. Change the Contact phone number to the new phone number.
  6. Click the Edit signature fields button.
    Screen Capture: Change number
  7. Click the Send for Signatures button to resend the email notifications using the new email address and phone number.
    Screen Capture: Send for Signatures Button
  8. Repeat the steps for other pending signature or approval requests.

Client’s TaxCycle Account

Changing the email address in the TaxCycle file or in the TaxFolder client record does not affect the client’s TaxFolder Account. This is the email address they use to sign in to TaxFolder for uploading and accessing documents.

Your client must change their email address in their TaxCycle Account themselves. If you are changing their address for sending them documents in TaxFolder, we recommend you to advise them to change their email address in their account too to prevent confusion when requesting a password reset.

For instructions on how to change the email address for a TaxCycle Account, please see How to Change the Email Address Associated with Your TaxCycle Account.

TaxFolder Client Record

Update the email address and phone number on the Client Record in TaxFolder will change the email address and phone that appear in the Client Dashboard in TaxFolder.

After changing the email address and phone number, TaxFolder will use the new information for new engagements and new approvals and signature requests made from TaxFolder. This does not affect pending signature requests and approvals (see above) or new requests made from TaxCycle (see above).

  1. Click on the client’s name in any list of clients in the dashboard to view client details.
    Client Name In List
  2. Click Client Settings and select Edit Client Info.
    Client Settings Menu. Edit Client Info Option
  3. Change any information and click Save Info. Note that the phone number here is the mobile phone used for sending verification codes via text/SMS when sending documents for signature from the TaxFolder Client Dashboard. When requesting a signature from TaxCycle, it will use the mobile phone number in the TaxCycle file.
    Save Info Button