Import XML Slips From the CRA

Updated: 2024-02-08

Finding the XML File Transmitted to the CRA Last Year

If you can’t carry forward your slips return from the prior year, you can use the XML file created by your old software for transmitting to the CRA to populate a current-year TaxCycle return with the issuer and recipient information.

Depending on the software package you used last year, the file is saved in different places.

  • In TaxCycle, the XML files that are transmitted are only saved temporarily when you go to transmit the return. To find the temporary file, go through the filing process and click the Transmit Now link. Then, copy the path from the left side of the dialog box and open it in Windows Explorer. When you see the file, copy and paste it to some other location on your computer. 
  • ProFile® FX saves the XML file for the return with the same file name except the extension in the default directory for your FX files. If you don’t know the path for this directory, check the settings under Options > Environment > File.
  • In Taxprep® Forms and Cantax® FormsMaster, you can find  the path to the XML file from the window that opens when you file a slips return.

Importing Slips from XML

  1. Screen Capture: Import XML in Data menuCreate a new slips return. There is no need to enter any information in the return.
  2. Drag the XML file onto this open return. 
  3. TaxCycle will ask you to confirm the import and then will take the data and use it to populate the slips.
  4. Instead of drag and drop, you can go to the Data menu and click Carry forward XML (to bring in prior year data) or Import XML (to bring in current-year data).
  5. You can use the undo command, Ctrl+Z, to quickly undo the slip import and remove all the imported slips. Similarly, use Ctrl+Y to redo that same import.