Québec RL-1 and RL-2 Relevés

Updated: 2020-07-22

Use TaxCycle T4/T4A to prepare the related Québec RL-1 and RL-2 slips. Start with preparing your T4 and T4A slips. To learn how to do this, read the T4/T4A Info worksheet help topic and the Enter T4 or T4A slip data help topic. Then, follow the instructions on this page.

Québec fields on the Info worksheet

If you're preparing and filing Québec RL-1 and RL-2 slips, first complete the following fields on the Info worksheet in TaxCycle T4/T4A:

  1. In the Filing section:
    1. Enter QC as the Province of employment. This transfers to the individual T4/T4A/RL1/RL2 slips.
    2. Answer Yes to the question File Relevés for recipients employed in or living in Québec? This activates the copy of the RL-1 slip at the bottom of the T4 slips, and the RL-2 slip at the bottom of the T4A slips.
      Answer QC questions on the Info worksheet
  2. In the Québec section, enter the slip issuer's Québec Enterprise Number (NEQ) and Québec ID Number.
  3. In the filing section, you should see your preparer or firm Québec Identification number and Québec Transmitter number. If you don't, set this information on the Slips Credentials page that appears under the Transmission section in Options and TaxCycle will automatically insert them here. Learn more in the Slip options help topic.

Set the NEQ and Quebec ID Number

Enter RL-1 or RL-2 slip data

  1. Start by entering T4 or T4A slip data. To learn how, see the Enter T4 or T4A slip data help topic.
  2. For T4 slips, the Province of Employment field in the Filing Info section must be set to QC to see the related RL-1 data entry fields if you scroll down. This also changes the Applicable Pension Plan field to QPP and triggers the related review messages.
    Québec fields on the T4 slip
  3. For T4A slips, the related RL-1 and RL-2 data entry fields only appear if the Province in the recipient address is set to QC. They also only show for slip recipients that are Individuals. You cannot prepare RL-1 or RL-2 slips for Business slip recipients.
    Québec fields on the T4A slip
  4. Most of the data entered for the T4 or T4A slip flows directly to the related RL-1 or RL-2 slip. However, you must enter or re-enter some fields as they can contain different amounts and fields for Québec when compared to the federal slip.
  5. In box A in the Relevé 1 data section on the T4 slip, you will see a review message to enter the Employment income again. If the amount is the same, you can click the link in the review message to enter the same amount as in box 14 of the T4.
  6. Some fields in the Relevé 1 data section on the T4 slip are data entry only—such as box E for Québec income tax withheld—because they do not have corresponding T4 boxes. Review all remaining fields and complete them as required.
    Relevé 1 data section on the T4 slip
  7. Depending on the type of T4A data entered, TaxCycle completes either the RL-1 or RL-2 as required. For example, Pension or superannuation payments (box 16 on the T4A slip) trigger an RL-2, and Self-employed commissions (box 20 on the T4A slip) trigger an RL-1. You will see the data flow to the appropriate boxes in the Relevé 2 data and the Relevé 1 data sections.
    Data flow for RL-1 and RL-2 slips
  8. Scroll down on either form to see a print preview of the required slip(s). If both the RL-1 and RL-2 are required for T4A slips, TaxCycle will display both slips in the print preview.

RL1Summary and RL2Summary

The RL1Summary and RL2Summary bring all the slip information into one summary to report the total source deductions and employer contributions. Before filing, review the employer contributions remitted over the year to accurately reflect any balance due or refund.