Transmission Status

Updated: 2022-12-22

Some icons in the Transmit sidebar and the Client Manager change based on the status of the transmission for a particular return type. Hover your mouse over these icons for a short summary of the status. For reference, the table below lists what each icon represents.

Grey form with question mark Consent Required or Consent Status Unknown
Authorization to represent client either not yet received or not yet recorded in the file. Applies to AuthRep, AuthRepBus and MR-69.
Green form with green check mark Consent on File
Authorization to represent client received or on file from prior year. Applies to AuthRep, AuthRepBus and MR-69.
Red exclamation point Outstanding Errors
The return or form contains outstanding errors to resolve before filing. Review messages and correct errors to proceed to the next step.
Yellow pen over a blue line Signature Required
Client must sign the form or return (for example, form T183 in T1) and you must confirm the signature here before transmitting.
Blue arrow pointing upward Ready to Transmit
Return or form is ready to transmit. All errors are resolved and required signatures recorded.
Two computers with red x Error Transmitting Return
Unable to connect to the filing system at the relevant authority (such as the CRA). The authority received no data and has no record of the transmission attempt.
Purple question mark Unknown Result
Transmission likely incomplete. Usually appears when filing using CRA Internet File Transfer (XML) and when TaxCycle did not receive the confirmation number.
Red frowning face Rejected
Return or form rejected by filing authority (such as the CRA). Review any returned messages, correct errors and dismiss the results to try again.
Green smiling face Successful Transmission
Transmission successfully received by the filing authority (such as the CRA). Note the confirmation number for reference.
Green box with lines and a blue check mark Not Interested
Client has indicated they are not interested in Pre-Authorized Debit.
Red do-not enter sign Not Filing or Ineligible Jurisdiction
Either the jurisdiction does not apply or you have indicated the return will not be filed.
Grey form with blue border

Exempt From Filing
Return or form is exempt from filing. No need to file, electronically or on paper.

Two blue forms Ineligible for Electronic Filing
Return or form does not meet the criteria for electronic filing. Paper file the return. To see what exclusion applies to this return, review the EFILE or transmission worksheet.