Amending T5013 and TP-600 Partnership Returns and Slips

Updated: 2023-05-08

  1. On the Info worksheet in a T5013 return, go to the General Filing section and answer Yes to the question about filing an amended T5013 tax return.
    Screen Capture: General Filing section on the Info worksheet
  2. To file an amended TP-600 return, answer Yes to the question in the TP-600 General Filing section.
    Screen Capture: TP-600 General Filing section on the Info worksheet
  3. TaxCycle suggests a new name for the file that includes the word Adjusted. Click the link to save a copy of the file with the new name.
    Screen Capture: Adjusted file name
  4. If required, make changes to the affected schedules.
  5. To file an amended or cancelled slip, change the Type of slip to Amended and/or Cancelled on the T5013Partner or TP-600 for each affected partner.
    Screen Capture: Change the type of slip to Amended or Cancelled
  6. File the amended return and/or slips:
    • Electronically file the amended T5013-FIN and Summary of amended or cancelled slips separately with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) using Internet File Transfer.
    • Electronically file any amended or cancelled RL-15 slips with Revenu Québec.
    • The amended TP-600 must be printed and paper-filed.
  7. Print the amended or cancelled slips and distribute them to the affected partners.