Amending T5013 and TP-600 Partnership Returns and Slips

Updated: 2022-01-07

  1. On the Info worksheet in a T5013 return, go to the General Filing section and answer Yes to the question about filing an amended T5013 tax return.
  2. To file an amended TP-600 return, answer Yes to the question in the TP-600 General Filing section.
  3. TaxCycle suggests a new name for the file that includes the word Adjusted. Click the link to save a copy of the file with the new name.
  4. If required, make changes to the affected schedules.
  5. To file an amended or cancelled slip, change the Type of Slip to Amended and/or Cancelled on the T5013Partner or TP-600 for each affected partner.
  6. File the amended return and/or slips:
    • Electronically file the amended T5013-FIN and Summary of amended or cancelled slips separately with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) using Internet File Transfer.
    • Electronically file any amended or cancelled RL-15 slips with Revenu Québec.
    • The amended TP-600 must be printed  and filed on paper.
  7. Print the amended or cancelled slips and distribute them to the affected partners.