Troubleshoot Auto-fill my return (AFR)

Updated: 2023-04-24

If you're experiencing issues with Auto-fill my return (AFR), you can enable certain settings in Transmission options.

  1. To open Options from the Start screen, click Options in the blue bar on the left side. If you have a file open, go to the File menu, then click Options. Expand the Transmission section and click on E-Services.
  2. Check Clear SSL session data before download.
  3. Click Reserve or Unreserve to reserve or unreserve the response address TaxCycle uses to receive messages from the CRA.
  4. Check Enable AFR service mode. This mode allows TaxCycle’s online services to manage the return URL to deliver the data. 
  5. Check Use a short delay before attempting to download AFR data.
  6. Click Apply or OK to save your changes.

Screen Capture: Transmission options in TaxCycle