Provincial Forms and Credits

Updated: 2021-11-17

When you enter the taxpayer's province of residence on the Info worksheet in TaxCycle T1, the Provincial Schedules and Credits section appears in the Prepare sidebar and shows the forms and schedules related to the taxpayer's province. Québec TP1 returns have additional sections in the Prepare sidebar. See the Start a TP1 return help topic to find out more.

Provincial Schedules and Credits

Provincial column on worksheets

To make it easier to enter and see the difference between federal and provincial tax credits, TaxCycle shows both a federal and a provincial column on applicable worksheets, such as the Credits worksheet. 

This helps you compare the calculations for federal and provincial dividend tax credits. They appear in full detail and side-by-side, so you know exactly where the numbers come from. 

In addition, the provincial column on the Credits worksheet changes depending on the taxpayer’s province, adding the column where additional provincial tax credits are available, as shown below for the Home Buyers’ Amount in Saskatchewan.

Provincial Column on Worksheets