Jump Between DoxCycle and TaxCycle

Updated: 2020-07-20

Once files are linked and saved, there are various ways to jump between related forms in TaxCycle and source documents in DoxCycle. Learn how to link files in the Link DoxCycle and TaxCycle files help topic.

Open DoxCycle file from TaxCycle

Click the Open button on the Home menu in TaxCycle to open the linked DoxCycle file. Or, click select Open from the TaxLink button on the Home menu. Or, press the F11 button.


Follow all forms 

follow-formsAt the top of the DoxCycle index, click once on the button do automatically see related form or slip on screen in both programs. Both DoxCycle and TaxCycle will follow your movements in either program.

  1. Click once on the Link button at the top of the DoxCycle index.
  2. View a document in DoxCycle.
  3. The equivalent form opens in TaxCycle.
  4. Click the Link button again to stop the automatic following.

Jump to related form in TaxCycle


Click the Link button next to the document, or at the top of the Page Assistant in the DoxCycle index to open the related form in TaxCycle.


Open source document from TaxCycle

On TaxCycle slips, click the Show Slip button to open the related document in DoxCycle (or press F11):


In the TaxCycle Prepare sidebar, hover over the form name, then click the Link button: