Detect Calculation Changes

Updated: 2021-01-04

When you open a file, TaxCycle detects any changes in calculations that have occurred since you last opened the file. These are usually changes due to rate updates or changes to other calculations in the return.

If you have already filed the return and do not wish to change any of the values in the file when acknowledging the changes, lock the data in the file first.

If TaxCycle detects changes in calculations, you will see a bulletin across the top of the screen:

  1. Click Show changes to see a list of the individual fields with changes in the Review sidebar.
  2. Click Dismiss to hide the message just for this session. It will reappear again the next time you open the file, unless you save the file before closing, which effectively accepts the changes.
  3. Click Acknowledge to accept the changes and permanently remove the bulletin.
  4. If you don't acknowledge the changes but do save the file, you will see a message reminding you that by saving the file you are effectively acknowledging that the calculations have changed.


Pre-flight Button for Batch Transmit

The Pre-flight button on the Batch Transmit page in the Client Manager allows you to check for calculation changes before transmitting a batch of returns.

Clicking this button reruns the calculations and identifies any changes since the last time the file was saved. This is particularly useful if you prepared and finalized returns earlier in the season and are waiting to transmit them upon EFILE system opening. It alerts you to any changes without you having to open the file and check. Any detected changes are not saved back into the file.

  1. Create a batch of files in the Client Manager.
  2. On the batch screen, select Transmit and then a type, such as T1 EFILE.
  3. Click the Pre-flight button to check for any changes.
  4. Messages will appear for any files that have calculation changes. We recommend you review these files before transmitting the return.

Pre-flight button

Set Threshold for Calculation Change Messages

Under module options, you can set the dollar threshold that triggers calculation change messages:

  1. To open Options from the Start screen, click Options in the blue bar on the left side. If you have a file open, go to the File menu, then click Options.
  2. On the left side of the dialog box, expand the T1/TP1 (or any other module) section, then click on Variance to set the same options for all years. Or, expand Variance and click on a year to set different options for each year.
  3. Change the value in the Calculation changes section.