Batch Transmissions

Updated: 2020-07-20

Use the Client Manager database to make batch EFILE or transmit from a group of client tax return files. 

Set up the Client Manager

Before you can batch transmit, you must have the Client Manager set up and indexed with your TaxCycle files. 

To learn how to do this, read the First-Time Client Manager Setup help topic.

Get returns ready to batch transmit

Before you can batch transmit, you must get the return or form to the Confirm signature or Ready to transmit state. (You can confirm the signature on a batch of files upon batch transmitting.) To learn how to get files of each type to these states, read the appropriate electronic filing help topic.

Note that you cannot batch transmit returns filed using the CRA Internet file transfer (XML).

Create a list of files

The first thing you need to do is create a list of files that are ready to transmit:

  1. In the sidebar on the Start screen or Client Manager, click Quick Searches.
  2. At the top of the Quick Searches sidebar, you can see a list of built-in searches. One of these searches may give you the list you need. For example, to see a list of T1s that are ready to file, click Ready to T1 EFILE. This shows a list of files that are in a ready to transmit or confirm signature state. (You can confirm the signature on a batch of files upon batch transmitting.)
  3. Under the Custom filters section, select a Year to further narrow the list.
  4. To narrow the list using other selection criteria, scroll down further in the Custom filters section to the Transmission filters box, then select the transmission type and status. The Workflow section may also help to exclude files that will never be filed.
  5. In the List returns view, check the boxes in the column at the far left to add to a batch. Or, to check all boxes in this column, check the box in the heading of the column. 
  6. In the Client card view, check the box next to the file name in the preview to add a file to batch.
  7. When you select a file, it is locked so it cannot be saved or changed until it is removed from the batch.
  8. As you select files, they are collected and counted in the batch box.
  9. Uncheck the box to remove a single item from the batch. Click clear batch to remove all files from the batch.
  10. When you have selected all the files you need, click the batch box to go to the batch screen for processing.

Items selected in batch

Quick search T1 EFILE ready to file

Pre-flight button for batch transmit

The Pre-flight button on the Batch Transmit page in the Client Manager allows you to check for calculation changes before transmitting a batch of returns.

Clicking this button reruns the calculations and identifies any changes since the last time the file was saved. This is particularly useful if you prepared and finalized returns earlier in the season and are waiting to transmit them upon EFILE system opening. It alerts you to any changes without you having to open the file and check. Any detected changes are not saved back into the file.

  1. Create a batch of files in the Client Manager.
  2. On the batch screen, select Transmit and then a type, such as T1 EFILE.
  3. Click the Pre-flight button to check for any changes.
  4. Messages will appear for any files that have calculation changes. We recommend you review these files before transmitting the return.

Pre-flight buttonRun a batch transmission

  1. Select Transmit from the Batch operation drop-down list.
  2. Select a transmission type—such as T1 EFILE.
  3. Check the standard batch options you need, including:
    1. Export the results of the operation to Microsoft Excel®.
    2. Hide files that are ineligible for the selected operation. (This is useful if you have several different years of returns in the batch as it will only show those that match the year and transmission type selected.)
    3. Clear the batch of files upon completion. (Do not check this if you want to see the results in the table below.)
  4. On the right, check the box to Confirm the client's signature upon transmission if you want to resolve those outstanding signatures in one step.
  5. To return to the Client Manager view at any time to add more files, click the back arrow.
  6. Click Start to begin processing.
  7. Wait while the Client Manager works. TaxCycle transmits each file one at a time, with a 2-second interval between the start of each transmission. A progress bar shows the overall progress of transmitting the batch.
  8. As it each file return is transmitted, the messages column shows a progress wheel.
  9. Interrupt the transmission at any time by clicking the Stop button.
  10. As each transmission completes, the status updates in the Client Manager.
  11. The transmission results message appears and is saved in the file.
  12. If you chose to export the results to Excel, TaxCycle will ask you to save the file after the batch finishes processing.