Import Source Documents

Updated: 2020-07-20

DoxCycle can import slips and documents from files that clients you send by email or give you on a USB drive. These files can be PDFs, photos your clients take of receipts or slips, or images they scanned themselves. Supported formats include PDF, BMP, PNG, JPG format, photos taken from smartphones, or files clients scanned themselves.

Drag and drop to import documents

The easiest way to import documents is to drag and drop them onto an open DoxCycle window.

  1. Open a Windows® folder on your screen and place it side-by-side with DoxCycle. Then, drag the files onto the DoxCycle window.
  2. If your client sends you slips and other supporting documents as email attachments, drag and drop the email message, including attachments, onto the DoxCycle window.
  3. DoxCycle strips the attachments to import them as separate documents. Then,  figures out which taxpayer each one belongs to, what document type it is, and extracts the amounts. If it can't figure out what kind of document it is or who it belongs to, DoxCycle will bring up the Classification Assistant to allow you quickly categorize the documents. See Unclassified Documents help topic.
  4. Drag a document onto the window and pause for a few seconds on a folder index to see the full list of document types under that folder. Move the document over the type it corresponds to and then let go to specify the document type as you bring the document in.

Drag and drop an emai on DoxCycle

Import button in the Home menu

If you have a stack of documents of the same type or for the same taxpayer, you can save time later by selecting the document type and taxpayer before importing. This is particularly useful for documents that don't include the taxpayer name or that are non-standard in format, like medical expenses or other receipts.

  1. Click once on the Import button in the Home menu to browse for a document to import.
  2. If you have a stack of documents of the same type, choose the type from the Import button. You can add document types to this list by checking Scan Shortcut in the document outline. See the Custom Document Outlines help topic.
  3. If you know the documents are all from the same taxpayer, select the taxpayer before importing (use the same button as you do when scanning). This is useful for documents that do not include the taxpayer’s name.

Create a DoxCycle PDF from import

Create a DoxCycle PDF at the same time as you import documents into the file.

  1. Open DoxCycle.
  2. On the DoxCycle Start Screen, click on the blue T1 button.
  3. Click Create from scan.
  4. Select the tax year.
  5. Enter the names of at least one taxpayer that will be included in this file. 
  6. Click OK to create the file and open a dialog to browse for and import documents.