Print Labels for Slip Recipients

Updated: 2024-01-10

Federal T-slips and Québec RL slips printed from TaxCycle fit in standard window envelopes. However, if you wish to send multiple slips in a larger envelope, you can print labels for recipients in a slips return. 

  1. Go to the Tools menu and click Print Label.
    Screen Capture: Tools Menu
  2. In the Print Label dialog box, choose the Template. TaxCycle includes templates for each type of data entry slip in the file. For example, T4 and T4A. To print labels for Québec RL recipients, choose the related federal slip template, unless the RL slips does not have an equivalent federal slip, as is the case with RL-24 and RL-31.
    Screen Capture: T4Label: T4 Slip Mailing label
  3. To create your own label template or clone and edit a built-in template, use the Template Editor. See the Label Templates help topic for more information.
  4. Click edit to configure the Label Printer and open a print configuration dialog box with a limited set of printer output options relevant to labels. (See the Printer and PDF Output Options for details of options available from this dialog box.) When finished, click Close.
    Screen Capture: Edit Printer Settings
  5. The left side of the dialog box shows a preview of the label.
  6. Clear the check box next to a recipient’s name to exclude them from printing.
    Screen Capture: Label Preview
  7. Choose the type of sheet label. TaxCycle supports many different Avery labels.
  8. If you are using a different brand of label or you need to modify the default properties, click the Clone and Customize Label button. This creates a new entry in the Label drop-down so you can save your settings. Enter a new name to find it easily next time.
  9. To print to partially used sheet of labels, click on the first label in the sheet you want to use.
  10. If you need multiple copies of the sheets of labels, enter the number.
    Screen Capture: Label Type
  11. TaxCycle stores label settings in a local folder or an Options Profile. See the Label Settings help topic for more information.
  12. Insert the sheet of labels in the printer and click Print Labels to start printing.
    Screen Capture: Print Labels Button