DoxCycle Start Screen

Updated: 2024-01-09

Screen Capture: DoxCycle Start Screen

  1. Click on a tax module type to view actions related to that module. DoxCycle remembers the last module chosen for the next time.
  2. Depending on the module you select, different options allow you to create a DoxCycle PDF.
    • Sample file—Open a sample DoxCycle PDF to try out. This disappears from the Start screen once your recent list fills up. To make it reappear, right-click and clear the Recent list.
    • From a TaxCycle return—DoxCycle takes the taxpayer information from the TaxCycle return and uses it to create sections for each taxpayer and the filename for the DoxCycle PDF. It also creates a link to the TaxCycle return.
    • Create from import—Import a source document and create a DoxCycle file at the same time.
    • Create from scan—Scan a source document and create a DoxCycle file at the same time.
    • Open browses your computer to open a DoxCycle PDF.
    • Create a new file—Creates a new file. You must choose a tax year and enter the name of a one taxpayer.
    • Scan directly to email starts a scan from last scanner you used, then opens your default email program, creates a new message and attaches the file.
  3. Click on a name in the list of Recent clients to reopen a DoxCycle PDF. Right-click to clear the list.
  4. The Recent sidebar shows you the DoxCycle PDF files you last opened.
  5. Select an Options Profile from the drop-down menu. See the Options Profile help topic.
  6. Open Options to set default for using DoxCycle.
  7. Click Help & Account, then click on My Account to see or update your license information.
  8. Click on a News headline to read the full post on our blog. This is where we announce updates, issues, webinars, and more.
  9. The Support section displays the version number, license information and links to release notes, documentation, YouTube videos, our online community and social media. When an automatic software update becomes available, it also shows here. Follow the instructions to download and install the update.
  10. By default, the sidebar opens only when you hover your cursor over it. Pin the sidebar so it stays open or closed, as you last left it.
  11. Move the sidebar to the other side of the window, depending on your preference.