Email Status in TaxFolder

Updated: 2022-04-18

On the engagement in TaxFolder, you can view the status of any emails sent to request a signature or approval from a client.

Click View Email Status to expand the list and view details of each email sent.

Screen Capture: Email Status

Standard Statuses

Status Description
Processed Request from TaxFolder or TaxCycle processed by the email service.
Delivered Email delivered to the recipient’s mail server.

Recipient opened the email or marked it as read. Note that emails sent to Google Gmail address almost always show as opened due to the way that Google caches images in the email body. This does not necessarily mean the recipient opened or marked it as read.

Clicked Recipient clicked on a link in the email.
Unavailable Status unavailable. All emails sent before April 8, 2022, show as unavailable.
Deferred The recipient mail server asked the TaxFolder email service to stop sending emails so quickly.

Error Statuses

Status Description
Bounced The receiving server could not or would not accept the message. Please confirm the email address of the recipient, then update the email address in TaxFolder before resending the signature request. Alternatively, you can delete the first request and send new request. Remember if you send this new request from TaxCycle, remember to update the email address on the Info worksheet as well.
Blocked The recipient's email or Internet service provider blocked receipt of the message. Please confirm that your client wishes to receive communications from you, then notify us that messages to the recipient are being blocked. We can remove the block so they will receive future emails.
Spam Report The recipient reported the email as spam or junk. Please contact your client and ask them to revert flagging this email as spam. If your client no longer wishes to receive emails from TaxFolder, please remove them from your account.
Dropped Our email service may drop a contact when the recipient email previously bounced, or that recipient previously marked the email as spam/junk.