Updated: 2020-07-17

There are two different views for Client Manager search results:

  1. List returns view – Table view containing the client name, SIN or BN, transmission status, file name, preparer, approver and more. You can customize the columns in this view. See the Column layouts help topic.
  2. Client Card view – A card view that shows relationships between clients and files.


List returns view

  1. The List returns view displays one row for each return or file.
  2. Click the person in the column heading of the Name column to choose how to sort and display the clients, by first name or last name.
  3. Click on the up or down arrow in the column heading to sort.
  4. On some column headings, you will see a the funnel if you can filter based on data in that column. Click the funnel to see the filter options.
  5. Click on a file name to open a file.
  6. Click on a row to show a preview of the information about the client and the tax return.
  7. Depending on your settings in in Column options, you can the re-order columns, remove columns or assign a new layout to columns. For full details, read the Column Layouts help topic.
  8. At the top right of of the table, you can export the current view to an Excel spreadsheet. See the Export to Excel help topic.


Client card view

The Client card view shows relationships between clients and files.

  1. The list on the left shows the names of clients with a last modified date and last action.
  2. In the heading at the top of the list, choose from the drop-down menu to list by Last name, First name or Reference (SIN/BN).
  3. On the right of the heading row, click A-Z (alphabetical) to change the sort order to Z-A (reverse alphabetical).
  4. Click on a name in the list to see a detailed preview on the right.

Client Card view

Detailed preview

The detailed preview consolidates information on the client.

  1. The top left shows current phone numbers, email and addresses.
  2. If there is more than one address on file, click the arrows to move through them.
  3. Click the copy icon to copy the address.
  4. The top right lists related people and organizations, such as spouse, dependants, and employers. Click the link to open the related file. Click List relationships to show a list in the Client Manager view.
  5. The bottom left lists the tax returns and documents related to the person or organization, including prior-year returns and DoxCycle files containing source documents.
  6. Next to the return type and year, icons show the transmission status of the return. Hover to see more details of each type.
  7. Select the check box to add a return to batch. See the Batch operations help topic.
  8. Click the file name to open the return. This also opens ProFile®, Taxprep®, Cantax® and VisualTax™ files if you still have the programs installed on your computer.
  9. Linked DoxCycle files appear under Related Documents. Click a link to open a file.
  10. Click on a tax return to highlight it and see a preview on the right.
  11. The file preview shows status details about the highlighted file. This includes preparation status, invoicing information, slips, edit time, as well as buttons for opening and carrying forward the file.
  12. Click buttons at the top of this section to open the file, view the folder where it is saved, carry forward, carry forward and link, or carry forward and plan.

Detailed preview in the Client Manager