T3 Adjustment Request (T3-ADJ)

Updated: 2022-11-21

TaxCycle T3 helps you file a T3-ADJ form to adjust a T3 return. If you make changes to a completed T3 return, TaxCycle automatically prompts you to create and file a T3-ADJ form.

This feature is available for tax returns filed from TaxCycle T3 2021 and onward.

As-Filed Snapshot

To automatically complete the T3-ADJ form, you must have an As filed snapshot in the file.

TaxCycle automatically creates an As filed snapshot when you successfully transmit a return or print the return for filing on paper.

If you need to create this type of snapshot, see the Snapshots and Variance help topic.

Screen Capture: As Filed Snapshot

Automatically Complete a T3-ADJ

Screen Capture: Create a T3-ADJ

  1. If a return contains an As filed snapshot, TaxCycle automatically compares any changes in the background with the snapshot. If TaxCycle finds differences that could require filing an adjustment, a bulletin appears above the form area.
  2. You can leave the bulletin there while you complete all the changes to the return. If this will take a while, click Dismiss to hide the bulletin until the next time you open the file (or, look in the Review sidebar to see it again without reopening the file).
  3. Click the Show the changes link to open the sidebar showing the fields with values that will appear on the T3-ADJ. You can click on any of these messages to go to the related field for further review.
  4. When you are satisfied with your changes, click the link to Create a T3-ADJ. TaxCycle opens the T3-ADJ and inserts adjustment details into the form.
  5. The bulletin remains on screen for the rest of the adjustment process, so you can quickly View the T3-ADJ form or Show the changes in the Review sidebar. If you make additional changes to the return after creating the T3-ADJ, click the link to Update the T3-ADJ with the latest information.

Screen Capture: Update the T3-ADJ

Print and File the T3-ADJ

  1. Review the T3-ADJ and complete any remaining fields.
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+P, click Print/PDF Form in the Tools menu, or right-click on the form and select Print/PDF Form to print the form.
  3. You can use TaxFolder or DocuSign® to request an electronic signature while printing. See Electronic Signatures.
  4. When printing, you can optionally complete the task to mark the form as paper filed.
  5. Once you obtain the trustee’s or authorized person’s signature on the T3-ADJ, file the adjustment request. You have two options:
    • Mail the form to the applicable tax centre listed on page 2 of the form.
    • Trust administrators or tax preparers can submit the form through the CRA’s Submit documents online service in My Account or Represent a Client.

Screen Capture: Print Dialog Box

Multiple Adjustments

If you need to make another adjustment and need to file another T3-ADJ:

  1. Create a new As-filed snapshot. See the Snapshots and Variance help topic.
  2. Make your changes to the return. If an adjustment is required, a bulletin will appear just like for the first adjustment. Click Create a T3-ADJ in the bulletin.
  3. Each time you use the snapshot to create an adjustment, TaxCycle creates a new copy of the T3-ADJ form with the date in the form name.

Screen Capture: As Adjusted Snapshot