File T3, T2000, T3P and NR-4 Slips

Updated: 2022-02-15

You can electronically file the T3, T2000, T3P and NR-4 slips using the CRA Internet File Transfer (XML) web site.

This is the same process as filing other slip types with TaxCycle.

For detailed instructions, see the Internet File Transfer (XML) help topic.

  1. Click on the Transmit sidebar.
  2. Click on the T3 Slips Internet box to open it.
  3. Follow the steps until you see the Transmit Now! link. Click the Transmit Now! link to begin the transmission process.
  4. You must file Original, Amended and Cancelled slips in separate transmissions.
  5. Repeat these steps to file T2000, T3P or NR4 slips, if required.

Screen Capture: T3 Slips Internet