T1044 Non-Profit Organization (NPO)

Updated: 2020-07-22

You can prepare a T1044 information return from within TaxCycle T2:

  1. At the top of the Info worksheet, answer the Type of tax-exempt corporation under section 149 question with available options.
  2. This reveals the T1044 Non-Profit Organizations section further down the worksheet (below the Business Activity section). Questions in this section can be answered directly on the Info worksheet, or on the T1044 and T1044WS.
  3. The T1044 and T1044WS forms also only become available once you select a type of tax-exempt corporation.
  4. The T1044 has its own print job that shows and is selected for print when required. At the top of the Print sidebar, select Tax exempt from the drop-down list, then print the T1044 NPO print set.


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