In-Use File Locking

Updated: 2020-07-22

TaxCycle locks files when in use so that two people cannot accidentally edit a file at the same time. TaxCycle locks files when they are opened or added to a batch in the Client Manager.

In-use bulletins

  1. If you open a file that is already open by another person (or is set to read-only), a message appears to let you know it is in use.
  2. You can view the file, and even make changes, but you cannot save those changes unless you Save As the file with a different name.
  3. If the file becomes available while you are looking at it, the message changes. Click Take Ownership to take control of the file.
  4. If the other person made changes while you had it open, TaxCycle prompts you to refresh the file.
  5. If both you and the other person made changes to the file while you had it open, TaxCycle will prompt you to discard your changes.

Client Manager batch locking symbols

When you add files to a batch, the Client Manager locks them so that no other changes can be made before batch processing. Icons in the Client Manager tell you the locking status:
  1. Files with a lock icon are included in the batch, which means no one can change them until they are removed from the batch.
  2. Missing files have a question mark icon and they will not be processed.
  3. Read-only, or in-use files have a “do not write” icon and they will not be processed.