Amend or Cancel Slips

Updated: 2020-06-01

Mark Slips as Amended or Cancelled

  1. On the data entry slip, select the type of slip: Cancelled or Amended
  2. Amended and cancelled slips have a different icon than other slips in the return, so you can quickly recognize them in a list.

Screen Capture: Slip Type Field and Amended Icon

Enter an Explanatory Note

All slips modules contain an optional field in the Filing section on the Info worksheet entering the reason for any amended slips.

TaxCycle includes these notes when transmitting to the CRA by Internet file transfer (XML).

Screen Capture: Explanatory note (T4) (reason for any amended slips)

Total Number of Slips Filed

On the CRA summary in TaxCycle—such as the T4Summary—the field that counts the number slips displays the combined number of original, amended and cancelled slips in the return.

Do not override this number when filing an amended or cancelled return. The XML generated upon filing contains the number of slips in the current transmission. (To view the details of the transmitted XML, save from the History, see below.) 

Screen Capture: Slip Count on T4Summary

File Amended and Cancelled Slips

  1. If you filed the original slips through TaxCycle, click Dismiss results and start again link to return to the Ready to Transmit state. 
    Screen Capture: T4 Internet Dismiss Results and Start Again
  2. To view a list of the amended slips in the return on the Slips summary, click the number of amended slips.
  3. To file the amended slips, click the Transmit now! link under the Amended slips section and follow the steps to transmit the slips to the CRA by Internet file transfer (XML).
    Screen Capture: Transmit Amended Slips
  4. If you also need to file cancelled slips, return to step 1 to dismiss the prior transmission, then click the Transmit now! link under the Cancelled slips section to transmit the slips to the CRA by Internet file transfer (XML).

Slip Transmission History

Each slip also displays a record of when it was transmitted and the submission number, in the Slip transmission history table under the Filing Info section:

Screen Capture: Slip Transmission History

TaxCycle also records the time and the result of each transmission attempt and the type of transmission on the Internet worksheet:

Screen Capture: Internet Worksheet

The file history also shows the details of each transmission and allows you to download and view the XML sent to the CRA:

  1. Go to the File menu, then click on Info
  2. Click on History
  3. Find the record of the transmission in the list.
  4. Click the first save button (with the lightning bolt) to save a copy of the XML file that was transmitted to the CRA.
  5. Click the second save button (with the green arrow) to save a copy of the response sent back from the CRA.

Screen Capture: File History of Slips Transmissions