Favourites Bar

Updated: 2020-08-13

The toolbar above the form tabs is called the Favourites bar. It works like bookmarks in your web browser, giving you quick access to the forms you use frequently.


  1. Each module includes a set of default favourites. Click a favourite to jump to the form.
  2. The form icons in the favourite bar provide information based on the state of the form. See Forms icons and field text colours help topic.
  3. For slips, each favourite includes a drop-down of all the slips of that type as well as an option to create a new slip.
  4. To add a new favourite, click and drag a form tab and drop it on the bar. Reorder favourites in the same way.
  5. To add the current form to favourites, click the plus sign on the right of the bar.
  6. To show or hide the bar, click the star to the right of the form tabs.
  7. Right-click on a favourite to remove it from the bar.
  8. Right-click to carry forward favourites from the prior year.

Share favourites

Favourites are stored in text files, so it's easy to copy them and share them with your colleagues or move them to another computer.

Use these settings to store your favourites files in a network folder so that others can use them. Then, quickly this setting with Options Profiles. If you share favourites this way, any changes made to favourites will be reflected on all computers pointing to this folder. 

  1. Set up your favourites as you like them.
  2. Go to File menu, then click on Options. (If you are on the Start screen, click on Options in the blue bar on the left.)
  3. Expand Files and Folders on the left side of the dialog box, then click on Common Folders.
  4. Check the box to Share data monitors and favourites on a network.
  5. Click the browse button and point to the folder on your computer or the network where the data monitors and favourites will be stored. The path in this field should be a full network path, such as \\ComputerName\Folder and be available through Windows permissions to other folders on your network.
  6. If you enter a path to a folder that doesn't exist, click create folder.
  7. Click Apply or OK to save your changes.


Copy favourites

If you don't share data monitors with others, but you have a set of monitors you want to use on another computer, or set to a colleague, you can copy and paste the data monitor files:

  1. Go to File menu, then click on Options. (If you are on the Start screen, click on Options in the blue bar on the left.)
  2. Expand Files and Folders on the left side of the dialog box, then click on Common Folders.
  3. Under the field labelled Put data monitor and favourites in this folder, click the link for View local data monitor and favourites folder.
  4. This opens a Windows folder where the favourites are saved. Look for the files with Favourites in the name. Favourites are separated by year and module, such as Trilogy.T1TY2017.Favourites.xml
  5. Copy the file(s) you want and place it in the favourites folder on the other computer. 
  6. Restart TaxCycle to see the changes.