Ask a Client to Upload Documents to TaxFolder (from TaxCycle)

Updated: 2023-04-21

You can ask your clients to upload documents to the TaxFolder portal directly from TaxCycle.

To start sending requests from TaxCycle, first set up your TaxFolder settings and sign in to TaxCycle with your TaxCycle Account. See the Getting Started with TaxFolder help topic.

Ask a Client to Upload Documents from TaxCycle

The example below shows how to print the AuthRep worksheet and ask for clients to upload documents at the same time. You can use the same settings when configuring a print set, or when printing a different template or form.

  1. For T1 returns, make sure client’s first name, last name, social insurance number, birth date, email address and mobile phone number are on the Info worksheet. These details are used to verify the identity of the client when signing the document. For T2 and other types of returns, TaxFolder uses the email address and mobile phone number of the signing officer to verify their identity. Note: If your client does not have a mobile phone number, you can use a landline to verify their identity; it will call the landline rather than sending an SMS message. However, you must put it in the mobile phone field on the Info worksheet.
  2. Go to the AuthRep worksheet and complete the required fields.
  3. Press Ctrl+Shift+P, click Print/PDF Form in the Tools menu, or right-click on the form and select Print/PDF Form. (If configuring a print set, click the edit link for the print set in the Print/PDF sidebar.)
  4. From the Printer/Output menu, select PDF.
  5. From the Email menu, select TaxFolder.
  6. From the Message menu, select Authorization Cover Email or any other email template. (This message will not get sent to the client when only asking the client to upload documents but is required on this page.)
  7. Check Invite new client to TaxFolder to send your client an email with instructions on how to sign up for TaxFolder. You can hide this check box on the TaxFolder page in TaxCycle Options. See the TaxFolder Notification Settings help topic for more details.
  8. If you also want to send an email to your client asking them to upload documents into their TaxFolder portal, check Ask client to upload documents. You can hide this check box on the TaxFolder page in TaxCycle Options. See the TaxFolder Notification Settings help topic for more details.
  9. The first time you add a client to TaxFolder by requesting a signature or asking them to upload documents, the client will receive an email asking them to activate their TaxCycle Account. Activating an account is required for uploading documents to their client portal.

Screen Capture: Print / Generate Forms Dialog Box

  1. Set any other PDF options as required. See Printer and PDF Output Options for details.
  2. To save these settings and use them every time you print the AuthRep worksheet, click the link to Save these settings for AuthRep.
  3. The current status of your connection to TaxFolder shows at the bottom of the dialog box. If required, click Connect to sign in to TaxFolder with your TaxCycle account.
  4. The first time you send a document via TaxFolder, it automatically creates an Engagement in TaxFolder with the client’s name. TaxCycle will only send the email asking clients to upload documents when creating a new engagement. If you want to associate a request with an existing engagement, select the client’s name from the list. You can also type in this field to enter a custom engagement label.
  5. Click Send via TaxFolder to send the document for signature.
  6. The Print Monitor at the bottom of the sidebar shows you the status as TaxCycle sends the document for signature.
  7. If this is a new engagement, TaxFolder sends an email to the client requesting that they upload documents to the client portal. To learn about the process for uploading a document, see Upload Documents to TaxFolder. (You will also receive an email once your client uploads documents.)

Ask a Client to Upload Documents from TaxFolder

To send the same emails from the TaxFolder Client Dashboard, add the client to TaxFolder. For instructions, see the Add/Invite a Client to TaxFolder help topic.

Resend the Activation Email

To learn how to resend the activation email through the TaxFolder Client Dashboard, see the Resend the TaxFolder Activation Email help topic.