Updated: 2023-03-16

The anchor() function is used to place an electronic signature request within a template. It is used in conjunction with the Signature Id template property.

For quick reference, you can use these elements in your custom letters.

Template Signature Id Signature Anchor Date Signed Anchor
ELetter ELetter {{ anchor(CurrentClient,"ELetter").Signature }} {{ anchor(CurrentClient,"ELetter").DateSigned }}
DELetter DELetter {{ anchor(.,"DELetter").Signature }} {{ anchor(.,"DELetter").DateSigned }}
FPostSeason FPostSeason {{ anchor(.,"FPostSeason").Signature }} {{ anchor(.,"FPostSeason").DateSigned }}
FPreSeason FPreSeason {{ anchor(.,"FPreSeason").Signature }} {{ anchor(.,"FPreSeason").DateSigned }}
JPostSeason JPostSeason {{ anchor(.,"JPostSeason").Signature }} {{ anchor(.,"JPostSeason").DateSigned }}
JPreSeason JPreSeason {{ anchor(.,"JPreSeason").Signature }} {{ anchor(.,"JPreSeason").DateSigned }}
PostSeason PostSeason {{ anchor(.,"PostSeason").Signature }} {{ anchor(.,"PostSeason").DateSigned }}
PreSeason PreSeason {{ anchor(.,"PreSeason").Signature }} {{ anchor(.,"PreSeason").DateSigned }}

Use ELetter or DELetter as the Signature Id to automatically update the engagement letter workflow tasks with the e-signature status. Otherwise, the Signature Id can be anything providing it matches the anchor function. 

Depending on the template, you can also replace CurrentClient with a period. This is common in the joint and family pre/post-season letters where the definition of the repeatable section already specifies the person, or the deceased engagement letter (DELetter) where the signature function tags are already surrounded by {{# CurrentClient }}{{/ CurrentClient }}.

For example, the following example shows how to use the T1 engagement letter (ELetter):

  1. Open the ELetter template in the Template Editor.
  2. Click on the Properties sidebar.
  3. Enter ELetter in the Signature Id field.
  4. In the template, place {{ anchor(CurrentClient,"ELetter").Signature }} in the signature field.
  5. Place {{ anchor(CurrentClient,"ELetter").DateSigned }} in the signature date field.

Screen Capture: Signature Id and Anchors