Create a DoxCycle PDF From Scan or Import

Updated: 2024-01-09

To create an empty DoxCycle PDF for a taxpayer:

  1. On the DoxCycle Start screen, click Create from import or Create from scan.
    Screen Capture: Create from import
  2. Select the tax year.
  3. Enter the names of all the people who will be included in this file. You must provide the name of at least one taxpayer. As you complete the Additional Names fields, a new row appears so you can add as many taxpayers as you need. You can always add more taxpayers later using the Edit Taxpayers button.
  4. If available, enter the social insurance number (SIN) for each taxpayer.
  5. Click OK to create the file and start the scan or import.
    Screen Capture: Enter Taxpayer Names

If you want to post amounts from DoxCycle to TaxCycle, you must also link it with a tax return. See Link DoxCycle and TaxCycle Files help topic.