Managing Clients in TaxFolder

Updated: 2021-03-17

When you click on a client's name in TaxFolder, it opens the client record. This record allows you to manage both the client's engagement(s) as well as the information and documents associated with the client.

The relationship between clients and engagements is one-to-many. Each client can have more than one engagement, but each engagement is only ever associated with one client.

When it comes to documents, each engagement can hold many documents and signature/approvals requests. For example, when you print from TaxCycle, you can select an existing engagement to add the documents. You can use a single engagement as a container to collect and hold all the documents related to a client for the year.

Client Record vs. Engagement Details

When you click on a name in the Client Dashboard, it takes you to the client record. The first box on the page contains details about the client.

The rest of the page—with the exception of the preparer notes—shows details of the engagement selected in this box. To learn about adding, editing and completing engagements, see the Managing Engagements in TaxFolder help topic.

Edit Client Info

To edit the client’s information, including name, email address and phone number:

  1. Click on the client’s name in any list of clients in the dashboard to view client details.
    Client Name In List
  2. Click Client Settings and select Edit Client Info.
    Client Settings Menu. Edit Client Info Option
  3. Change any information and click Save Info. Note that the phone number here is the mobile phone used for sending verification codes via text/SMS when sending document for signature from the TaxFolder Client Dashboard. When requesting a signature from TaxCycle, it will use the mobile phone number in the TaxCycle file.
    Save Info Button

Resend the Activation Email

To resend an activation email through TaxFolder Client Dashboard:

  1. Sign in to TaxFolder.
  2. On the Client Dashboard, click on the client’s name to open their record.
    Screen Capture: Client Dashboard
  3. On the client’s record, click Client Settings.
  4. Select Resend Activation Email.
    Screen Capture: Resend Activation Email

An alternative to resending the activation email is to trigger a password reset email for the client. Either you can do this or your client can. Note that this does not send the activation email, but it does send the link required to set a password and gain access to TaxFolder.

You can find instructions on requesting a password reset in the How to Sign in to TaxFolder PDF.