Fast Find (F4)

Updated: 2020-08-24

The quickest way to find and open forms is to use the Fast Find search box.

  1. Press F4 (or click Fast Find on the Home menu) to open Fast Find.
  2. Type a word, such as a form name, slip description, keyword, box or line number. Search results appear instantly, narrowing the list with each keystroke.
  3. The Top Hit (or best match) appears at the top of the list. Press Enter to go to this form.
  4. Other results are grouped by type, with the best match at the top of each group.
  5. Entries results show “live” form icons, so you know whether a form has errors, or contains imported data. Learn more in the Form icons and field text colours help topic.
  6. Press the Up and Down arrows on your keyboard to move through the groups and list of forms.
  7. To help you choose the right form, a preview of key data for the form you’ve highlighted appears on the right side of the search box.
  8. For results matching line numbers, the amount for the line appears right next to the search result.
  9. After you find the form or line number you want, press Enter (or click with your mouse) to jump there.
  10. Press Ctrl+Enter (or Ctrl+click) to create a new slip or multi-copy form, regardless of which copy is first in the results list.
  11. Press Shift+Enter (or Shift+click) to open a form side-by-side in a new window, or on the other monitor in a multi-monitor setup. Learn more in the Main TaxCycle window help topic.
  12. Click a section title in the bottom right of the Fast Find box to jump directly to that section on the selected form.


What you can search for...

  • Part or all of a form name, even if the word is not at the beginning.
  • Form names entered without the periods or hyphens (especially useful for finding Québec TP1 or CO-17 forms)
  • Text on a form, as long as there’s a field next to it.
  • Slip issuers or descriptions.
  • Line numbers on jackets and schedules.
  • Box numbers on slips.
  • Account numbers from slip descriptions, business statements, or the engagement worksheet, etc.
  • GIFI codes, so you can preview the information or jump straight to the line entry.