Form icons and field text colours

Updated: 2017-08-10

Form icons

Form icons change based on the state of the data in the form. As you prepare a tax return, the icons immediately update to reflect changes on the form.

The symbol that appears on the icon refers to data in the form.

Blank form icon No lines
Empty, unused form
Green plus sign form Green plus sign
Create a new form
Form used in the return Grey line
Form used in the return
Form with data entered Blue lines and background
Data entered on form
Purple swoosh form Purple swoosh
Contains carryforward data
See Carry forward returns help topic.
Green D and background form Green D and background
Data posted from DoxCycle
Imported data in form Yellow star
Imported data in form
See Import data help topic

Extra icons next to the form provide even more information.


Red asterisk
Override on form 


Field with data variance from snapshot
See Snapshots and variance help topic.


Paper clip
Attachment dropped into field on form

Extra icons also appear next to forms that contain review messages:

Review icons on forms

These icons change based on the type of message on the form. When there is more than one message on the same form, the icon for the most critical message takes priority.

See the Review messages help topic for more information.

Field text colours

Data entry fields (black text)
Blank until you type in them. After you type data in them, the text appears in black. If you want to show zeros in these fields when there is no data, change the setting in Display options.

Fields with carry forward data (purple text)
Contain values carried forward from a prior year. These field behave the same way as data entry fields. If you change the amount in the field, the purple text changes back to black. 

Calculated fields (blue text)
Contain calculated or values transferred from other forms. You can type in the field to override the calculated value (by pressing the F2 key). Many of these fields also contain jump links (F6 key) to direct you back to the source of value.

Fields with overrides (red text) 
Show a red asterisk in the corner.

Non-edit fields (green text)
Contain calculated or transferred values that cannot be overridden. 

Fields imported data (italic text)
Contain and values imported from DoxCycle. These field behave the same way as data entry fields. If you change the amount in the field, the italic will disappear.