Contact Person and Authorized Person on the Info Worksheet (TaxCycle Forms)

Updated: 2022-08-12

On the Info worksheet in TaxCycle Forms, the fields to enter the contact person and authorized person appear as an expandable table. The table includes a column to set each person as either an authorized person, a contact person, or both. 

The details from this table and those from the T1 Individual section on the Info worksheet, along with the preparer information from the Engagement worksheet, flow into a drop-down list in the authorization of signer section on applicable forms.

Do not type in the signer information directly into a form. Enter it first on the Info worksheet, then select the signer from the drop-down list on the form. If you try entering a signer’s name directly in a field that contains the anchor to collect electronic signatures, TaxCycle will ignore it and the name will disappear when you tab away from the field.

Screen Capture: Forms Contact and Authorized Persons