Québec Relevés (RL) in TaxCycle T1/TP1

Updated: 2023-04-14

Most Québec relevés in TaxCycle appear at the bottom of the related federal slip. Others, without an equivalent federal slip, appear on their own in the Prepare sidebar.

For example, the Relevé 1 (RL-1) appears at the bottom of the equivalent federal slips. This may be a T4, T4A or T4ARCA slip, depending on the type of income reported. The RL7, however has its own slip in the Prepare sidebar.

Activate the RL-1 on the T4 Slip

  1. Open the T4 slip and enter the T4 box amounts.
  2. When you choose QC as the Province of employment, messages appear to help you complete the required fields on the RL-1.
  3. To view the RL-1, scroll down, or click the RL1 link that appears at the top right of the form to jump down to that section.
  4. While much of the information from the T4 slip flows directly to the RL-1, review details on these slips as additional review messages may appear there.
  5. Click the link that appears at the top right of the Relevé 1 section to jump back to the T4.

Screen Capture: T4 and RL-1 slips in TaxCycle T1

View Québec RL and Federal Slips Side-by-Side

Because the data entry for Québec RL slips appears at the bottom of the equivalent federal slip, it can be useful to use TaxCycle's separate windows to view them side-by-side.

  1. Open the slip in the main TaxCycle window. (For example, open the T4 slip.)
  2. Drag the tab for the T4 slip to a new, separate, secondary TaxCycle window. If you drag it all the way to the side of your screen, it snaps to take up exactly half of your screen.
  3. In the original, main window, open the T4 slip again.
  4. In one of the windows, click the RL1 link at the top right to jump to the Québec section. Click the T4 link at the top right of the Relevé 1 section to jump back to the federal section.
  5. You can enter data in either window. Both windows are instantly updated. 
  6. Although the secondary window does not contain a full menu or sidebar, you can search for forms and open them by pressing F4 and using Fast Find.

Screen Capture: View slips side by side