File Naming Options

Updated: 2023-01-19

For each tax module and year, you can set a default file name format of all new TaxCycle files you create or carry forward.

Screen Capture: File Naming Options

  1. In Options, expand the T1/TP1 section (or another tax return type) and click on File Naming to apply the settings to all years.
  2. To set separate options for each year, expand File Naming then click on a year.
  3. On the right, set the contents and order of suggested files names, including the taxpayer name, tax year, social insurance number, business number.
  4. Choose whether to add the tax year to the beginning of the file name.
  5. For adjusted returns, choose whether to add the adjusted date to ended of the file name when you completing the T1-ADJ form.
  6. A sample of the proposed file name format appears at the bottom of the page.

Bulletin suggesting a file name change

If you change the taxpayer's name (for example, to fix a typo), couple/uncouple the return, or enter a date of death, and the suggested file name is different from the actual file name:

  1. TaxCycle shows a bulletin suggesting renaming the file.
  2. Click the link to rename to the suggested name.

This is particularly useful if you add a spouse at a later date, and want the file name to reflect that. Also not that dependant modifications do not trigger the rename bulletin.