Find Clients Who Haven't Returned

Updated: 2024-06-06

TaxCycle makes it easy to find clients from last year who have not yet returned to file their taxes this year. As a tax preparer, you can use the Client Manager to create a list of those clients, then reach out to them about returning to file this year’s return.

  1. Open the Client Manager.
  2. Click to open the Quick Searches.
  3. Scroll down to the Year box section in Custom filters and check the previous year.
  4. In the Files box, check No next year return.
  5. The Client Manager now lists the clients who have not yet returned to file this year.
  6. To see the client’s contact information in the list, select Client Contact Layout to show the phone number and address information. For more information on customizing layouts, see the Column Layouts help topic.
  7. To export the list of clients, click the Excel® export button and select Export to an Excel® Workbook. For more information on Excel® export from the Client Manager, see the Excel® Export help topic.