Page Breaks

Updated: 2021-11-15

If a template contains conditional text that appears or hides depending on the taxpayer's situation, it is not easy to predict where a page break will appear. However, you can control pagination so that page breaks only occur where you want them to.

You cannot insert or remove a page break from a letter in the Template Editor. However, you can adjust the Paragraph properties to help you control where page breaks appear.

You can turn these options on to obtain the behaviour you want, or you may find some of our built-in templates already have them enabled, so disabling the option could be what is needed.

  1. Click in the paragraph, or select the entire paragraph you want to adjust.
  2. Click the Paragraph button in the menu.
  3. Or, right-click and select Paragraph.
  4. In the dialog box that opens, click on the Line And Page Breaks tab.
  5. Check the option that applies:
    • Widow/Orphan Control - Checked by default. Prevents from splitting a paragraph such that a single line appears at the beginning or end of a page.
    • Keep with next - Keeps both the selected paragraph(s) and the one that follows it on the same page.
    • Keep lines together - Keeps all the lines in the selected paragraph on one page instead of allowing the paragraph to divide across pages. This works for only a single paragraph, not to keep two paragraphs together.
    • Page break before - Sets the selected paragraph(s) to start at the top of a new page. 
  6. Click OK.

Screen Capture: Go To Paragraph Properties