Navigation Tips

Updated: 2020-05-20

  1. Use keyboard shortcuts to move around. See Keyboard Shortcuts.
  2. In the Prepare sidebar, click the drop-down menu to filter the list of forms. Select a Situation—such as Student—to see only applicable forms and any other forms used in the return.
    Screen Capture: Tax Situations
  3. Use the slips bar to move between copies of slips.
    Screen Capture : Slips Navigation Bar
  4. Expand the Section Navigator at the bottom of the Prepare sidebar to jump to a section on the form. Or, right-click on the background of a form to jump to a section.
    Screen Capture: Section Navigator
  5. Press Ctrl+F to search the text on the currently-open form.
    Screen Capture: Find in Form
  6. Right-click on a field with a blue triangle (or press F6) to drill down to the source data.
  7. Click on blue hyperlinks to jump to the related field or form. They appear in text on forms and in review messages. If there is more than one source of the data, select one from the list.
    Screen Capture: Blue Navigation Links
  8. Press and hold Ctrl+Tab to open the Fast Switch window that lists all recently-visited forms in the file, including those of spouses and dependants. They appear in the order you last viewed them. Keep holding down the Ctrl key and press Tab again to move through the list. Let go to jump to the forms. (Hold down the Ctrl+Shift to use Tab to move back through the list.)
    Screen Capture: Fast Switch