Updated: 2023-02-02

The first() function looks for the first instance that matches the condition and then stops.

For example, you can use this function to display a section if there is at least one dependant under the age of 12. It will show the text but will not repeat the text if there is more than one dependant who match the criteria.

{{# first(Dependant, Identification.AgeOnDec31 < 12) }}

This text shows if at least one dependant is under the age 12 and does not repeat for each dependant that is under the age of 12.

{{/ first(Dependant, Identification.AgeOnDec31 < 12) }}

The above example looks at the the field {{CurrentClient.Dependant[0].Identification.AgeOnDec31}} that displays the age of the dependant on the Dependant worksheet.