Québec Tax Data Download (TDD)

Updated: 2023-03-23

Québec Tax Data Download (TDD) allows you to use TaxCycle to download tax information for individuals directly from Revenu Québec. This includes RL slips that have been filed with Revenu Québec and other data. 

This download process is similar to that for the Canada Revenue Agency's Auto-fill my return (AFR), and you can use both of them together. We suggest reviewing the Auto-fill my return (AFR) help topic to familiarize yourself with all the functions of the download and matching window. The information below covers areas where the two processes differ.

Authorization to Download Data

To download tax information for a client, you must:

  • Have a Revenu Québec NetFile Number and Access Code.
  • Obtain authorization from your client. This is done either by having them complete and file the MR-69 Authorization to Communicate Information or Power of Attorney form, or by obtaining the client's Download code.

NetFile Account and Number

Before you can download data, you must enter your NetFile credentials in TaxCycle Options: 

  1. If you have a file open, go to the File menu, then click Options. To open Options from the Start screen, click Options in the blue bar on the left side. (You can also access these EFILE options any time by clicking on the wrench icon in the Transmit sidebar.)
  2. On the left side of the screen, expand Transmission and then click on EFILE Accounts.
  3. Enter your NetFile Québec number in the NetFile Number field.
  4. Enter your NetFile Québec password in the NetFile Access Code field.
  5. Click OK to save the options.

Screen Capture: EFILE Accounts in TaxCycle Options

Download Tax Information 

  1. Create or open a T1/TP1 tax return in TaxCycle. Enter at minimum the taxpayer's name and social insurance number (SIN) for each individual in the file—principal taxpayer, spouse, dependant(s)—and set the province of residence on the Info worksheet to Québec.
  2. Make sure you have authorization to represent each taxpayer by ensuring you have a signed MR-69 already on file with Revenu Québec, or that you have entered the taxpayer's Download code in the Québec TP1 section on the Info worksheet.
    Screen Capture: Enter Download code on Info worksheet
  3. Go to the Data menu and click on Tax Data Download.
    Screen Capture: Data menu in TaxCycle
  4. Select the clients for whom you want to download information.
  5. Click Next to connect to Revenu Québec and begin the data download.
    Screen Capture: Tax Data Download

Match and Import Québec Data

  1. Once the download completes, you will see a summary of what is available to import for each taxpayer. Expand the box, or scroll through the list of slips on the left to see the data available to all taxpayers.
  2. Based on existing slip names and the type of information, TaxCycle attempts to match the downloaded data with existing forms and slips that were carried forward from the prior year. This matched slip appears in the drop-down menu to the right. You can choose a different slip to relate the data to, to create a new slip, or not import the data at all.
  3. The Reset matching link at the top of the matching dialog box allows you to reset the automatic matches for all slips under an individual. This removes any changes you made to the import destination and reverts to the automatic matches.
  4. Some data, such as instalment payments, doesn't relate to a particular slip. Instead, this data is imported into the appropriate worksheets. This data is also used to trigger review messages when it does not match key fields on the return.
  5. If you downloaded the data a second time to check to see whether there are any new slips available, rows with data already imported into the return appear in faded text.
  6. Any new data since the last download has a yellow starburst to the left of the downloaded form type. (The yellow starburst on the form in the drop-down indicates that slip already has imported data on it.) Amended slips have the word Amended next to them.
  7. Click on a row to display a preview of the downloaded data and the form into which it will be imported. This includes columns to allow you to see the data already on the slip, or data that was on the slip in the prior year. You can also select the slip into which you want to import the data from the drop-down menu on the Preview side.
  8. On the preview side of the window, use the arrows to move through the slips one-by-one.
  9. If you check Import current values for blank slips, TaxCycle puts the TDD values into the Amount column on slips, when the field in there is not already completed based on the data in the federal slip. Otherwise, it puts the data into the RevQC TDD column on slips and you will need to manually transfer in the values or use the Quick Fix review messages.
  10. Click Download again to start the download process again.
  11. Click Import data to put the data onto the worksheet.
  12. Click Close to close this window and not import any data at this time. The data you downloaded is still available if you return to the TDD process.


Tax Data Download (TDD) Worksheet

The Tax Data Download (TDD) worksheet summarizes information downloaded from Revenu Québec that does not match to a particular slip.