Custom Filters

Updated: 2020-07-17

Custom filters in the Quick Search sidebar allow you to refine search results based on data in the file client file. Use them to narrow search results (see Search help topic), and to create saved Quick Searches to use again and again (see Quick Searches help topic).

  1. Custom filtersClick A...Z to expand it, then click on a letter to show clients whose last name starts with that letter.
  2. Click Full List to view all clients.
  3. Scroll down in the Quick Searches sidebar to select Custom filters and narrow results.
  4. Expand or collapse sections to show or hide groups of filters. Sections containing selected filters have a green check mark next to them.
  5. Check a Year to narrow the results to just that tax year.
  6. Check a Return type to show only returns from that type.
  7. Additional Return type filters help narrow files to locked, unlocked, single, married and other types of taxpayers.
  8. In the Transmission section build conditions to combine a particular transmission type with the status. You can add additional criteria to look for T1 EFILE returns that have remaining errors and already have a T1013 on file, for example.
  9. In the Workflow section, build conditions based on return status.
  10. In the Dates section, search on dates related to the file. For example, search on birth date to find all clients who will turn 60 in the coming year.
  11. Use the Correspondence filter to narrow a list of clients who prefer you to call, mail or email, etc.
  12. At the top of the section, click the clear filters link to remove all selections and start again.