TaxFolder Tip: Signatures on Pension Splitting Form T1032

Form T1032, Joint Election to Split Pension Income, requires that BOTH the transferring and receiving spouses/common-law partners sign the form.

When requesting an electronic signature by printing just this form (Ctrl+Shift+P), TaxCycle automatically sends the form to both people in the couple. The Print/Generate forms dialog box shows you that the signature request email will go to each person:

What’s the Problem?

This works great if you print the form on its own, and only print the form for one person in the couple. However, printing the form as a part of a print set AND printing a print set for each person has unintended consequences:

  1. Each time TaxCycle prints the form, two emails go out, one for each person. So if you print the form for each person as part of their Client Copy print set, it sends out four emails, two from each print set.
  2. When sending from a print set, TaxCycle generates a PDF file that includes ALL the other forms in the print set AND sends it to BOTH people. This means that the principal taxpayer receives a full copy of the forms for the spouse/common-law partner and vice versa. This can cause confusion for clients who are getting two copies of returns.

What’s the Solution?

Print the form for only one person in the couple, either by using single-form print or by creating a print set with only the T1032 (see below). If you intend to send the entire Client copy print set to the client for signature via TaxFolder, also disable the T1032 in the Client copy print set (see below).

Create a Print Set for the T1032

To create a print set that contains the T1032 and only prints from the principal taxpayer’s return when the T1032 needs signatures:

  1. Go to the Print/PDF sidebar or click Ctrl+P.
  2. Click the wrench icon to open Print Options for the current year.
    Screen Capture: Wrench for T1032
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the list of print sets, double click on New Print Set 1 and type T1032.
  4. In the Search box, type T1032 to find the form.
  5. Drag the form T1032 to the form selection list on the right.
    Screen Capture: T1032 Print Set
  6. Leave the Condition field as true.
  7. In the Relevant field, paste the following condition: (CurrentClient.T1032.SplitPensionIncome.ElectedSplitPensionAmount>0) && coupled(CurrentClient) && isblank(CurrentClient.Info.Filing.DateOfDeath) && (CurrentClient.T1032.SplitPensionIncome.PensionerOrTransferee == 1)
  8. Click the edit link at the top of the print set and configure the print options to send to TaxFolder.
    Screen Capture: T1032 Print Condition

Disable the T1032 in the Client Copy Print Set

If you’re sending the T1032 separately for signature and sending the Client copy print set to your clients for signing the other forms in their return, you will also want to disable or remove the T1032 from the print set.

  1. Click on the Client copy print set in the list.
  2. Scroll through the list of forms in the print set, right-click on the T1032.
  3. Select Show in set when used; do not select for print.
    Screen Capture: Show in set when used; do not select for print
  4. If you need to print set to a different printer or output, the T1032 appears under the Client copy in the Print/PDF sidebar when applicable, but you must check the box to include it in the print job.
    Screen Capture: Select T1032 for Print

When Do Preparers Get the Confirmation of Signature Email?

TaxFolder only sends the preparer an email to confirm receipt of signature once BOTH people in the couple have signed the form.