"We’ve dramatically increased productivity. "

Greg Buck
KEY Financial Group LLP

Greg Buck

We switched to TaxCycle in the Spring of 2015 due to support problems with the competitor we were using. While my staff was somewhat reluctant to change software, especially part-way through the busy tax season, they unanimously agreed to the change once they experienced TaxCycle. Now, after two T1 seasons and one T2 season, it’s so evident that our decision to change was the correct one.

The ease of training, general usability, and the staff’s new level of confidence has significantly lowered the stress level in our busy time. Something a partner seeks in so many ways. We appreciate the software’s intuitive operation, amazing support, and ease of use. It’s head and shoulders above anything else we’ve used—which includes almost all the other industry options. We highly recommend its use to all firms, big or small.