"Tax seasons are much more manageable now."

Jeanette Glass
CPA, CA | Owner | Jeanette Glass Professional Corp.

Jeanette Glass

How was the switch to TaxCycle?

The switch from Cantax® was like night and day. All the things that were previously so cumbersome to do were so easy to do in TaxCycle, like setting print jobs for different purposes, and creating customized letters.

What concerns did you have about switching?

That data would be lost in the conversion. We only had trouble converting one file. I sent it to tech support and they had it back to me the next day, complete with all the data in a TaxCycle file!

How was the learning curve?

I found TaxCycle very intuitive. I’ve used every other tax program out there except DT Max®, so the switch was pretty easy for me.  The staff took the seminar TaxCycle puts on, and we contacted tech support as the need arose.

Are you more productive?

Yes, tax seasons have become much more manageable. We never work Sundays anymore, and rarely a Saturday. And, even then it is only a half day. 

What do you like most about TaxCycle?

Auto-fill my return (AFR) is amazing. DoxCycle helps us keep everything the client gives us in one place.  We are starting to use it as our filing system of all documents related to our T1 clients. I think DoxCycle and the customizable letters are the biggest selling points for me. I write a lot of template letters for the staff to use with clients and it has helped them be more confident with reaching out to clients for additional information etc.

What would you tell someone considering the switch to TaxCycle?

DO IT! You can do so much sexy stuff within this program. Our entire T1 season starts and ends inside TaxCycle. From PreSeason planning letters to clients to invoices, emails requesting additional information from the client, every contact point with the client is inside TaxCycle. It’s fantastic.

Firm size: Sole practitioner, with a tech and receptionist

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Types of clients: T1s, T2s, T3s, T4s, and T5s. Most T1 clients are also T2 clients.

Products: Complete Paperless Tax Suite

First T1 season with TaxCycle: 2014