"TaxCycle makes tax preparation easier."

Chantal Coutu
B Sc. Com | Owner | Centre de Comptabilité CTM INC.

Chantal Coutu

Tell us about you.

Our office of two tax preparers and one data entry auditor filed more than 800 T1s, T2s, T5013s and RL31s for our clients last year. We’ve been using TaxCycle for two years now and I’m definitely renewing for next year!

How was the switch to TaxCycle?

I installed and configured TaxCycle during the off-season. It was a bit complicated at first since I had been using another tax software for 18 years. But now that we’re accustomed to the new environment, my staff and I would not go back to our old software. The price is very competitive, and that is always taken into account. All in all, the change has been positive for us.

What concerns did you have about switching?

The biggest concern is always file transfer. If I encounter issues transferring information with the government agencies, will I be able to resolve these? Luckily, I was able to put aside this fear thanks to TaxCycle's amazing technical support. The minute something comes up, we make a request by email or by phone and someone gets back to us quickly. It took a lot of stress off.

Are you more productive?

Absolutely! TaxCycle is so user-friendly, so easy to use. After a few minor glitches, we asked TaxCycle to add a review message to remind us to verify something. Since that was implemented, it’s been a breeze!

What do you like most about TaxCycle?

TaxCycle meets the Québec tax filing requirements. There will always be exceptional and more complex situations, but luckily, TaxCycle offers great support to assist us. The software is user-friendly, the interface is easy-to-understand and the options are quite simple! It's also easy to find and follow the forms we need, not to mention the check boxes that we can select in advance to speed up data entry. Even though the government is making it more and more complicated for us, TaxCycle makes tax preparation easier!

What does your staff think?

My staff are very happy to be using TaxCycle, and that is good for the morale of the firm. I think they would boycott me if I even dared to think about going back to my old software!

Location: Laval, QC

Partners/employees: two preparers and one data entry auditor

Products: filed more than 800 T1, T2, T5013 and RL31s for clients with rental income

First tax season with TaxCycle: 2018