"TaxCycle's technical support is really its strength."

Marc Guillemette
CPA auditor, CGA, MBA | Owner | Marc Guillemette, CPA

Marc Guillemette

What services do you offer?

Our firm focuses on compilation engagements and offering fiscal services to firms, individuals, estates and trusts. We file close to 300 T1, T2 and T3 returns annually.

Why did you switch to TaxCycle?

  • We were paying close to $8,000 for the old tax software we were using!
  • My business partner wanted to change products.
  • An article in the CPA magazine recommended TaxCycle.
  • We looked at other software but when we took a closer look at TaxCycle, it caught our attention.

What do you like most about TaxCycle?

I found it so intuitive. I have used every other tax software on the market except DT Max® so the switch was pretty easy for me. Our staff attended a TaxCycle training session and we contacted technical support when we needed it.

Aside from TaxCycle's great price, it's the technical support that is really is its strength. When you're "spinning your wheels", you don't want to rummage through a website for a video, or to read a help topic. With TaxCycle, we can speak to someone who understands and quickly explains what to do. That saves us time. The technical support people are courteous, available, passionate and patient.

And not only that, TaxCycle is superior to other tax software because of its letter templates—we can easily add whatever we need. The software has greater flexibility than the others.

What would you tell someone considering the switch to TaxCycle?

Relearning new software after 20 years is a challenge in itself. However, TaxCycle is great software and I'm very happy to be a part of the TaxCycle community for the years that I have left before retirement.

Location: Magog, QC

Firm Type: main focus is compilation engagements and fiscal services for corporations, individuals, estates and trusts.

First season with TaxCycle: 2019