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Category: DoxCycle Help, DoxCycle's review tools
Use stamps to add annotations to files. DoxCycle includes default stamps such as Concact Client, Calculation Required, Examine Prior Year and so on. Y...
Category: Getting started, Options

A few options to let you display as many or as few years as you wish on the Start screen. On a large screen, you can show everything. On a small screen, you can hide what you don't need. Let's look at TaxCycle T1 as an example...

Category: Options
You can set up TaxCycle to help you tell the difference between current-year and prior-year T1 returns when they are open together on screen. 
Category: Getting started, Options, Network and Sharing

TaxCycle Options Profiles make it easy to share settings with your entire office, choose which settings to share and easily copy settings to other computers.

Category: Getting started, Options, TP1 Options
When you save a file for the first time, the File Information appears by default. Learn how to turn this on or off, set default file names and folders.
Category: Getting started, Family returns, Workflow management

TaxCycle helps you keep track of the status of each return through a combination of an automatic history events and statuses you can manually set.

Category: Getting started

When you first open TaxCycle, you will see the Start screen. Here's a quick tour to get you started.

Category: DoxCycle integration, TaxCycle integration, Options, DoxCycle Options

In TaxCycle, there are two options that allow you to automatically save and/or close linked DoxCycle file(s) when you do the same action in TaxCycle. 

Category: Working with forms, Entering data

Click the Prepare button on the far left to view the list of forms, grouped by category. 

Category: Working with forms, Entering data, Carry forward
After carrying forward a tax return, you can bring in values from the prior-year to use for planning. 
Category: Getting started, Working with forms, Entering data, Reviewing returns, Carry forward

Use TaxCycle to create a tax return and mark it for planning or training purposes.

Category: Printing and emailing from DoxCycle

How to create a separate PDF from a single document in DoxCycle.

Category: Troubleshooting

How to use Windows Update to install the .NET 4.6 framework.

Category: Reviewing returns, Client Manager, Batch actions

The Client Manager allows you to batch re-calculate returns to check for changes in the files and review messages. This is a quick way to check for changes in returns after a TaxCycle update or if you've changed your options.

Category: Client Manager
Published: Feb 11/15 You can set one of your saved searches as the default search. Click on a saved search in the Quick Searches list. Right-click on...
Category: Client Manager
Published: Feb 11/15 You can now save customized search preferences to group different filter items. A varied selection of saved search preferences i...
Category: Client Manager
Published: Feb 11/15 The default search produces the Full list which includes all years and all modules. You can apply various filters from th...
Category: Client Manager
Published: Feb 11/15 You can group items in the Client Manager. A 2:04 minute video is included below to show you how it's done.   Note: ...
Category: Print and PDF, Client Manager, Batch actions

Learn how to batch print mailing labels using TaxCycle.

Category: Optimizations

The Optimizations worksheet in TaxCycle T2 allows you to control T2 optimizations, whether to optimize for minimizing or maximizing taxable income.

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