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Category: DoxCycle's review tools
Use stamps to add annotations to files. DoxCycle includes default stamps such as Concact Client, Calculation Required, Examine Prior Year and so on. Y...
Category: Getting started, Options

A few options to let you display as many or as few years as you wish on the Start screen. On a large screen, you can show everything. On a small screen, you can hide what you don't need. Let's look at TaxCycle T1 as an example...

Category: Options
You can set up TaxCycle to help you tell the difference between current-year and prior-year T1 returns when they are open together on screen. 
Category: Getting started

When you first open TaxCycle, you will see the Start screen. Here's a quick tour to get you started.

Category: Printing and emailing from DoxCycle

How to create a separate PDF from a single document in DoxCycle.

Category: Troubleshooting

How to use Windows Update to install the .NET 4.6 framework.

Category: Optimizations

The Optimizations worksheet in TaxCycle T2 allows you to control T2 optimizations, whether to optimize for minimizing or maximizing taxable income.

Category: Troubleshooting
Associating file extensions with Windows®
Category: Printing and emailing from DoxCycle

DoxCycle works with to allow you to send documents securely from DoxCycle or easily bring documents into DoxCycle that are sent to you.

Category: Print and PDF

TaxCycle has partnered with to offer you a secure method for sending electronic documents to your clients and colleagues.

Category: Getting started, Options
Published: Aug 24/15 The quick access toolbar is located at the top left of the TaxCycle screen. Use this toolbar to access the options and functions...
Category: Forms, Family returns
Adding a dependant to a family return differs from claiming amounts and credits for a dependant under 18 years of age.

Category: Print and PDF, Print and PDF

Printing a TaxCycle TP1 return makes use of the standard print functions in TaxCycle but adds a few extra print sets specific to TP1 returns.

Category: TP1 Forms, Getting Started in TP1

Report employment income for your Québec clients by entering RL1 and RL17 slip information into TaxCycle. But, this depends on the type of income reported.


Category: TP1 Forms

In the Québec TP1 section of the Info worksheet, set options for calculating the Québec Prescription Drug Insurance Plan premium payable.

Category: Forms, TP1 Forms

If you are preparing a Québec TP1 return where you need to report capital transactions, the process for entering those details in TaxCycle is slightly different than for a T1 return.

Category: Forms, Residency

In TaxCycle T1, you can prepare returns for taxpayers who immigrated or emigrated from Canada during the tax year.

Category: Family returns, Residency

Learn the best way to prepare a return for a client who is resident of Canada but whose spouse/partner is not.

Category: Forms

Enter information about each partner information on the Partner and Allocation worksheets. Alternately, you can also enter or edit the information directly on individual T5013 slips. 

Category: Forms

Enter income and expenses for all partners on the S1WS worksheet, which is then allocated and flows through to the individual T5013 slips.

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