DoxCycle 13.1.52695.0—T4A and RC210 Updates (Revised)

This version of DoxCycle updates the T4A and RC210. 


We originally released version 13.0.52598.0 on March 13, 2024, with the changes below. On March 21, 2024, we released version 13.1.52695.0 to resolve the following issue:

  • DoxCycle did not correctly read box 15 on the T4A for posting to TaxCycle.

Box 15 on the T4A

  • Customer Reported We have added Box 15 (Payer-offered Dental Benefits) to the T4A slip for posting to TaxCycle.

Box 11 on the RC210

  • Customer Reported You can now manually add Box 11 to the RC210, Advanced Canada workers benefit (ACWB) statement for posting to TaxCycle.