Explaining the CRA "Authorized Representative Changed" Email to Taxpayers

If your clients are registered for online mail from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), they may receive an automated email from the CRA alerting them that their authorized representative has changed, with the email subject line “Authorized Representative changed - Canada Revenue Agency / Changement du représentant autorisé - Agence du revenu du Canada”. 

Screen Capture: Automated email from the CRA to taxpayers

This occurs when you select the Preparer as the contact person for Pre-assessment or Post-assessment reviews on the Info worksheet of their tax return.

Screen Capture: Select contact person on the Info worksheet

The CRA considers this selection as an annual authorization—even if the representative information has not changed—which triggers the automated email notification to the client when you file their return.

You may choose to warn your clients about the CRA’s automated email when filing their tax returns, so they are not alarmed when they receive it.