How to Show the Filing Module Instead of the Preview Module

In late spring and summer of each year, we release preview versions of modules for the following tax year. While you can use these new modules to prepare planning returns, file deceased and pre-bankruptcy returns on paper, or file slips early, it is only in the new year that they become the module you use to prepare most of your returns.

Not everyone likes having those preview modules front and centre in TaxCycle when they don’t use them most of the time. Fortunately, you can set the primary year for each module in TaxCycle Options. Here's how.

Change the Primary Module

  1. In the blue bar on the left of the Start screen, click on Options.
  2. On the left of the Options dialog box, click on Start Screen.
  3. On the right side, find the section called Show previous year as primary module.
  4. Check the box for any module you wish to change the default for the Start Screen and the Open dialog box. 
  5. Click OK or Apply to save your changes.

Screen Capture: Start Screen Options

Start Screen and Open Dialog

The new, preview module and the first prior-year module swap places on the Start Screen.

  1. The active filing version appears as primary placement, with larger icons, on the left side of the screen, making it the default for new returns.
  2. The preview version appears at the top of the list of prior year modules, still accessible, but in a less prominent place.
  3. When you open click Open in the menu, it points to the folder where you save returns for the new non-preview module. 

Screen Capture: Swap Primary Modules

What Happens Next?

On January 1, the modules on the Start Screen revert to their default places and the Open dialog goes back to using the most-recent module.

If you leave the option selected, when a new preview module comes out, the modules will swap places once again.